Ultimate Guide For Beach Fun

Ultimate Guide For Beach Fun: 13 Essential Things Must Bring


Have a problem that’s getting in the way of your beachy dreams? Flustered that there’s many things to bring? Don’t worry here’s 13 essential things you must bring to the beach, there’s a simple hack. Find a solution to your summer woes with some of our personal favorite hacks for the beach, and pool, to make your summer. simple.


1. Sand Removal:

Baby powder isn’t just for baby’s soft tushies, no matter what the label says. Yes, rumor has it, baby powder can rid of that stinky stench from your favorite pair of boots, but it is also an amazing beach-bag essential. Ready to head inside, but your hands are covered in sand? Shake out a little baby powder and use it to brush off sand. Not only will you be sand-free but you’ll also be baby-scented!


2. Re-Seable Phone Protection:

For those of us who do not have the latest and greatest, waterproof phone cases for our smartphones, there is a simple fix. When out playing and splashing around in the water, before you do so, slip your phone into a resealable plastic baggie. You will still be able to use it functionally and for more than half the price of those nifty phone cases. Or, if you’re feeling froggy and you want to go out of your way, you could always get your nifty LifeProof phone case here.


3. Cool The Burn:

Aloe vera gels are meant to help soothe ailing burns from the sun. To enhance the aloe even more, stick the bottle into the fridge a couple hours before you leave, then grab as you are leaving. The cool temperature increases the relief. Whatever you do, make sure you’re using aloe gel, not moisturizing aloe! Lotion will only trap the heat from a burn, making your pain last longer instead of relieving it.

4. The PerFect Towel Set-Up:

Have an old fitted sheet laying around? The stretchy fitted sides can be held up with coolers and buckets, creating the perfect towel that will never budge. Just remember to kick off as much sand as possible before sitting on your simple oasis.


5. Cooling Off:

Needing to cool off and you’re not ready for the ocean or pool yet? Try a Green Tea face-mist! Not only will you cool off immediately, your face will be smelling sweet as well. This simple hack will benefit you in many ways, not only cooling you off, but it will in fact help keep your skin clear. Before use, make sure to chill it in the fridge for better results.


6. Recycling:

Don’t throw out those old coffee creamer containers just yet! If you clean out the inside and tear the packaging off, the create the perfect holders for any small-shaped snack, such as goldfish! You could also clean out old coffee bean cans for bigger sized snacks to also bring to the beach.


7. Money Troubles:

Need a creative, simple way to keep “yo dough safe?” You can take any chapstick or lip stick container that is no longer usable and clean out the remnants of. Once you clean out what was left behind, you’ll be able to roll up your dollars bills tightly and secure them inside the containers. This simple hack will trick anyone trying to steal your money.


8. Cork Floater:

You can take corks from wine bottles and repurpose them. Link many of them together with loop hole screws to then loop your keys into them. This is essential for any day at the beach or any boater, to make sure you will never see your keys float down to the bottom of any body of water.


9. Floating Koozie:

Having a day at the beach or poolside? You’re in the water, and you would like a nice, chilled beverage by your side, but you have to keep getting in and out of the water. Well no longer! With the Intex Mega Chill II Inflatable Floating Cooler, your problems are over with constantly exiting the water. This 48″ X 38″ floating cooler will keep your drinks cool, while you also keep your cool.This is surely a simple, beach essential.


10. Beach Party:

No beach party is complete without some bumpin’ tunes. Afraid of damaging your expensive wireless speaker? Well, there is a somewhat cheap alternative, that will never get ruined by sand or water. The Ivation Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Speaker is portable and waterproof speaker makes this great for the shower, beach or poolside.


11. Too Dark – NOPE:

Just because the sun goes down, does not mean it’s time to head inside. With the Glow-In-Dark Beach Balls your party can continue throughout the night. Pick your favorite colors and watch them light up your night with a friendly game of volley ball. This simple beach essential will surely make the fun continue as it gets dark outside.


12. Squad Floatin’:

Either wading down a lazy beach or just taking it easy in the pool, this raft will surely keep you and your homies close. The Bestway Rider X4 – Rider Floating Island will keep you in touch with your buddies while lounging in the water. Don’t worry yourself about losing precious daylight on the beach, this beauty comes with a pump that will blow the island up for you.


13. Beach Shelter:

Out of the water and ready to relax in the shade. With the GigaTent Sand Castle Beach Cabana you can have all the space you need to relax out of the sun. It is 7 x 4 feet for optimal space for your lounging bodies. This shelter will surely keep you cool and out of the sun, while look stylish at the beach.

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