Top 7 Hacks to Repurpose Everyday Items

It’s always awesome re-purposing for something that shouldn’t do a certain task. It’s like beating the system. When an item serves more than one purpose is sweeet! Something that does one thing is boring, and lame. Nobody likes that right? Here are 7 new way to breathe in some life from stuff laying around the house, with these hacks gonna make your life more simple.

  1. Hack away the grit from your keyboard with a brush


2. Don’t wanna wake up the baby? Use a rubber band to stop the door from closing

3. Don’t want to get some dirty fingers? Put some tape at the on of the container.


4. Like saving your grocery bags? Use an old tissue box as dispenser.

5. Don’t let your potting soil leak, Use a coffee filler to prevent that.

6. Need a secret stash to hide “yo dough”?Try this hack , A suntan bottle is awesome way to do that.

7. Ohh you have left over spaghetti noodles , and no where to put it. Use a pringles can store your noddles.

It’s the perfect height.

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Making life simple

Source Diply

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