The Top 24 Ways To Start Being More Mindful Every Day

Want to start being more mindful? Well, that can be tough with our busy world. Everybody wants our attention and we fell so drained at the end of the day. If you want to feel more alive, more vibrant, more present and not be some zombie going through the motions of everyday life, then keep Reading

You’re going to learn the following

  • 24 Surefire ways to be more mindful every day
  • How to start to be more mindful today
  • How to more appreciate everyday life

What is mindfulness and why is it important?

Mindfulness is simply being there at the moment.

We live in a busy world where you can reach someone with a press of a button. We are always connected to the outside world and worry about every little thing, We don’t have time to appreciate the little things in life like the fresh air in the morning. We end up feeling drained every day.

How To Use This Guide

I broke down the guide into sections {Morning, Afternoon, Evening, And All day). I put the ways how I use them. Feel free to switch them up.

The key is to pick a few and start using them every day. Make them a habit.


The morning is an important part of being mindful.

This is crucial in fact you want to take anything from this guide take this

Hop out the bed and practice

I have set routines here are some them that you will get value from.

Pick a few and stick with it.

1. Hydrate First

Start your day with a glass of water. It better than coffee and tell your body to get going. I like to do a mineral cocktail because your body sweats out the mineral every night. It is important to replace them.

Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a try

-1 pint of spring water

-1 teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt

– ½ lime

2.Practice being mindful in the shower

I usually say my affirmation and focus on being there.

Feeling the water from the shower head hitting my head.


This by far is my favorite one. Really grounds me and take on the day.

I use a certain layout when I journal.

You can use it too,

My journal layout goes as the following

Top Goals (usually my 6 months goals)

Top 3 must to-do’s today

3 things that I am for

Try it out, It will change your life

4. “what’s working right now?” ask yourself that daily

Part of being mindful is being more self -aware.

At times, everything seems like falling apart.

Take some time to remind yourself that is a lot of happening.

5. Go for a walk

When I go for a walk, I try to take it all in.

How does the air feel?

Is the sun showing?

I just try to appreciate  the little thing


Download the complete checklist and start being more mindful today!



6. Don’t take lunches at your desk

I try to take my lunches at different places ever so often

7. Fun time in the sun

Try to take your lunch in a park. Get some sunlight

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8. Exercise mindful

Yup, I know but this is important

Just really try to focus on the muscle moments and block everything.


9. Cook a wholesome meal

Skip the fast-food and eating out. Start cooking with real food

10. Disconnect from the outside world for a couple hours each day

This is my favorite one, I enjoy disconnecting. I turn everything off and just enjoy what’s in front of me.

I usually spend time with my significant other or my dog. Just really appreciate their company.


Download the complete checklist and start being more mindful today!


11. Going to sleep mindfully

Here’s what I do, you should try doing it too

-leave all elections of the bedroom

-Have a regular bedtime

-Make your room is pitch black

Any time of Day

12. Try to meditate daily

I like to use an app called headspace

Give them a try

15. Practice being mindful in one-minute bursts

My apple watch pings me and tells me to breathe.

if you have an iPhone and don’t have one.

I suggest getting one. It is a game changer

16. Try eating very slowly

This is one that I struggle with. I try to chew my food into a pulp while appreciating all the flavors

17. Schedule time for silence and do nothing

Just do nothing and let your mind wander

18. Focus on one task at a time

Don’t try to multitask, just focus on doing one task at a time.

Focus on doing that task well. Be present

19. Drink tons of water through of the day

Can’t focus when you are dehydrated, can you?

20. Put your phone on airplane mode when you need to focus

I tend to this a lot when I am doing mindful work.

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21. Stand, stretch and move more often

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Take a deep breath, stand up and stretch it out. Moving more often will help being overwhelmed

22. Let people know that you appreciate them

I like doing this and seeing people smile

23.Challenge your thoughts

Put your thoughts through a test. Keep asking why you might figure something some you didn’t know before

24. Take some time to write thank you notes

Write some handwritten thank you notes. It will brighten up people days and yours

25. Reflect on why you are here

I tend to this often. I think important to be more self and ground.

Knowing your “why” will give you purpose


Yes, being mindful in this busy world is tough. Hopefully, these tips will change that for you. It’s important to not to let it overwhelm you, pick a few to incorporate into your daily routine.

Small consistent actions lead to massive results. A large inconsistent action leads nowhere.

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Download the complete checklist and start being more mindful today!


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