Top 20 Starbucks Tips On How To Save Money

Starbucks Tips

Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to some Starbucks. When you get that itch, you don’t care how much money you have to spend to get your fix. Especially when Fall hits, you best know you’ll be in Starbucks every day for that Pumpkin Spice Latte.  If you’re anything like me, you’re probably starting to feel guilty about the cost of your habit. Below are some of the Top Starbucks Hacks to get your money back where it belongs – your bank account!


Looking Over The Menu:

When you go to the same place over and over, we usually get in the habit of re-ordering our favorite items almost every time. If you take the time to look over their menu again, you’ll find some decent options for a little under four dollars.


Latte No More:

Yes, there is no denying the Starbucks latte is one of the best things out there, but it is one of the reasons your wallet is crying for help. To try and save your wallet from impending death, try the Cafe Misto, it’s made with half the amount of coffee and milk, making it easier on your wallet and your waistline.


Only Two Dolla:

Yes, you can, in fact, have a two dollar Starbucks iced latte. How do you ask? Create a cheaper, but equally satisfying, latte by ordering a triple espresso over ice in a Venti size cup. You can add milk as you normally would.


BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug):

Starbucks offers a ten cent kickback when you bring your own mug. While it doesn’t seem like much now, but every little bit helps. Just think, after ten coffees, you’ve saved a dollar. This adds up over the weeks. To help push you towards the BYOM, Starbucks does have a line of reusable mugs.


Forgot Your Reusable? No Problem:

If you’re really committed to that discount, all you have to do is bring in a competitor’s cup and you’ll still get that discount. Starbucks has recently stated, “Any personal cup qualifies for the discount. If you bring in a competitor’s cup, we’ll offer to replace it and apply the discount when we pour your drink in a new Starbucks paper cup.” How awesome is that?


Refill To Your Advantage:

Some days just one cup of your favorite tea of coffee isn’t enough. So now have this handy piece of information: at any time throughout the day, on any size drink, you can refill for only 50 cents. There are some other specifics that come along:
-Refills have to be during the same visit.
-They have to be coffee, tea, hot or iced.
-They can be refilled even if it was not one of the above drinks.
-The rewards card can waive this fee.


Never Pay For H2O:

It’s tempting to just grab the nearest overpriced bottle of water and go, but you could save some serious cash if you opt for Starbucks’ triple-filtered FREE water. They’ll even give you a to-go cup.


Ordering In Bulk:

If you order through a coffee press, this would be a cheaper option if you had a larger group tagging along, rather than buying individual coffees.


No Water Please:

A barista has once admitted, “Iced Teas are double-strength in the pitcher and watered down for your final recipe.” Get more bang for your buck and avoid the watered down version of your favorite iced tea by saying “no water.”


It’s Your Birthday:

All you need to do is sign up for Starbucks Rewards and they’ll give you a free drink for your birthday. The best part about is they give you 30 days to redeem it.


Going For Gold:

If you use your rewards card 30 times in 12 months, you’ll be upgraded to Gold. Gold level gets you:
-A free drink or snack reward with every 12 purchases.
-Personalized coupons and offers.
-Welcome and green level rewards.


Get The Short:

You thought the Tall was the smallest size? WRONG. You can still save money and get your fix by ordering a Short.


Free Whipped Cream:

As shocking as it seems, Starbucks gives away free cups of whipped cream for your dog, called Puppiccinos. To save money on some of the fancier drinks, ask for the free dish and use it to top off your own drink. (Don’t worry I won’t tell.)


Order A Venti – Ask For A Tall:

The 24-ounce drink can easily be shared between two. You could share the cost and the drink. Everyone is happy.

Brew At Home:

Yes, going to the actual building is satisfying, but you can save the most money if you brew your coffee or tea at home. Starbucks does have K-Cups available.


Light Ice:

Ice waters down whatever drink you have purchased and you should be able to get all that you paid for. Skip out on the ice to get the most out of your purchase.


Dual Purpose:

Get your favorite drink and take advantage of the free Wifi. Better yet, if you’re on a data budget at home, do all of your downloading at Starbucks and then enjoy later at home.


Swapping Your Latte:

It may be difficult at first, but you should try to swap your latte for a blended iced Americano. This saves money and calories. Instead of dishing out the cash for a regular latte, order the cheaper, but equally delicious, blended iced Americano and a shot of your favorite syrup.


Faux Tea Latte:

Starbucks can be expensive, but you can always go for this tea latte: order a Grande tea in a Venti cup with your favorite flavor shot. Add the milk of your choice. Half priced never tasted so good.


Eat Before:

Adding that cookie or bagel adds your bill up quicker than you thought it would. Avoid spending more than you should just by eating at your own house. You’ll be less tempted if your tummy is full.


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