Best 5 Winter Vacation Spots That You Must See

vacstion2Usually, during the winter months, we tend to stay indoors rather than venturing out. Well, we are going to give you a few good reasons for you to get out there. Just because the nights get longer and the days get colder is no excuse for you not to go anywhere. You should be taking vacations in Winter as well, not just Summer. Not only is it great to treat yourself to a nice vacation, but it is just as good if it is cheap.

Go On A Winter Vacation Now

During the colder months, vacations tend to get cheaper just because of the season. If vacations get cheaper during this time of the year, why not go outside your comfort zone and take a trip? To help you get started, we picked just a few of our favorite spots with a couple activities to do while you’re there. Don’t worry, they are optional, we don’t blame you if you just want to chill along the coast or snuggled up near the fire.

1.) Iceland:

lceland-Moyan Brenn
Iceland – Moyan Brenn

First on our vacation list is Iceland with its pretty auroras. Despite the location near the Arctic Circle, the winters are not as brutal as you may think. The winter season is probably the best time to visit Iceland. The temperatures are no different than in New York, London, or even Paris. Sometimes it is even warmer.

Water that runs through many of these glacier caves only freezes in the winter, which means this is the only time that you can see the amazing natural phenomena in the ice caves. Also, the nights are getting longer, which means the perfect opportunity comes up to see the aurora borealis.



  • Walking through the ice glaciers – nothing will beat looking at one of nature’s finest creations
  • Taking a dip in the local hot springs – especially breathtaking in the winter; being surrounded by ice and snow while being in a steamy pool
  • Skiing down the slopes will surely get your adrenaline running
  • Hiking through the snow-covered lands while admiring the beautiful auroras


2.) Costa Rica:

Costa Rica waterfall

If you’re not into staying a little chilly this winter, no problem. December brings in the dry season in Costa Rica. This means you can relax on the beach without being in fear of any torrential downpour.

From January until the end of March is when the local festivals take place and it is also the go-to vacation spot. Nothing would be better than walking around, taking in the culture, and sipping on your frozen drink. One of the most colorful and dramatic Costa Rican celebrations is the Festival of the Little Devils in February.  The Boruca put on masks representing devils and do stylized battle with the invading Spanish.

costa rica sunset


  • Visit the beaches – nothing better than feeling the sand between your toes and looking off into the clear blue water
  • Travel to the waterfalls – feeling the mist on your face while you travel through the trails
  • Partake in the Little Devils Festival – feeling the culture surrounding you while enjoying the local cuisine


3.) Florida:

You won’t even have to leave the states for this one. Being down in Miami, Florida for the winter will bring you sun-filled days and temperatures averaging in the mid-70s.It may be the holiday season, but do not let that stop you from getting your tan on.

Every December, Miami hosts two of the most major art festivals of the season.

The Design Miami is when the festival brings the most influential collectors, designers, gallerists, and critics from around the world into one place, to celebrate the design culture and commerce.

Art Basel Miami Beach is an art festival in which at least 267 leading galleries from North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa show their best work from the gurus of Modern and Contemporary art, as well as the up-comers of the future.


  • Visit local vacation hotspots – who said having a little night out on the town wasn’t allowed?
  • While in Florida you could always take one of your days to travel to Disneyland – you won’t regret it
  • Partake in looking in the art galleries – The Design Miami is one of the most memorable galleries during the year


4.) Mexico:

Playa Del Carmen in Mexico is known for its white sandy beaches, as well as the crystal clear ocean. This location is breathtaking both above and below the coastal ocean waters.

Once you get tired of lounging around on the beach or splashing in the waves, the ancient Mayan ruins and jungle trails are just a few steps away for a soothing, adventurous hike.


  • Take a trip to the Xcaret Eco Theme Park
  • Wander through the Cenote Chaak Caverns and Caves
  • Also, visit the spider monkeys at the Jungle Sanctuary


5.) Maldives:

Forget white snow – head to the Maldives to see their white sandy beaches for the most romantic getaway. This destination is known for notoriously guaranteeing the most relaxing time during your stay.
Or if you prefer fast-paced activities, there are always speedboat tours, snorkeling, and the smoothness of parasailing.



  • Take a speedboat tour down many of the coasts
  • Snorkeling in the clearest waters, sneaking peeks at the reefs and underwater life
  • Search for dolphins and manta rays at Manta Point


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