20 Surefire Ways To Be More Mindful At Work


Dreading go into work? being mindful through out the day can help not to hate it so much.

1. Be in the now

The most important tip here is to be in the now.

What does that mean?

It means to pay attention to the surrounds and enjoy the little things.

2. Don’t multitask, focus one task at a time


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Often when we multitask, things get messed up.

If you just focus on one task at a time. Put all your attention on that task.

You will be more effective and have a higher quality of work

In Fact, stopping and starting a task is a crouch.

According to Gloria Mark, it takes about  25 minutes to regain focus after an interruption

I use a technique called the Pomodoro technique.

Which you have a set period of time that your focus on one task with no distraction.

Then have little microbreaks in between.

Try doing  60 of focus and a 20-minute break on your toughest task.

I got this tactic from Peter Voogd

3. Do one-minute meditation

I tend to do this one a lot. My apple watch always bugs me to take a deep breath.

I close my eyes and focus on my breath.

4. Try using mindful triggers

I got this tip from Brendon Burchard in his book high-performance habits. He recommends setting triggers in certain areas in your life. For example, I have one for my desk. Every time I sit down at my chair.

5. Focus on what you can control

This is a big one that I learned the hard way.

I always focus on what is out of my control.

When I stop and focus on myself. What can I control?

Life became a little easier

6. Have a growth mindset

What this means for me. That everything can be improved.

I accept ownership of everything.

Jacko Willik goes over this in his book Extreme Ownership

Focus on what I can control and take on challenges head-on.

7. Pick a motto

The Marines have a saying “embrace the suck” I took the that saying to heart.

I usually find myself saying this sucks and just do it.

8. Picture your best self

You are, what you think you are.

If  picture the best you and your mind will put together the dots

9. Listen more often

I like to imagine the person that is talking to me is most important in the world.

I participate in active listening and really absorb what they’re saying to me

10. Practice Gratitude

According to PsychologyToday author, Amy Morin started practicing gratitude has loads of benefits.

For example, gratitude helps with increasing empathy and reduce aggression

11. Say thank you more often

I like to brighten people’s day up by thanking them and that I appreciate them and what they do.

12. Learn the power of humility

This is a game changer. humility simple put is that everyone is your peer.

You are not better than anyone and no is better than you.

Everyone is equal.

You can learn a lot from this

13. Take deep breaths throughout the day

Reground yourself through your day by deep breathing.

Deep breathing has loads of benefits like increase energy.

I always need some of that.

14. Plan out your week and day

I usually set down every Sunday and plan my week out. I use this technique called blocking. When you have set a period of time in your calendar to do a recurring task. For example, I have in my calendar to create content every day from 9 am – 11:30 am

15. Take lunch Break away from your desk

It’s boring taking lunch at your desk. Get out and squeeze more fun out your day.

16. Schedule time to recharge

I usually schedule about 30 minutes a day to do nothing.

Then I find a quiet spot and let my mind wander.

Ask my self thought-provoking questions

17. Keep a journal

I usually journal in the morning but sometimes when I am overwhelmed and need to ground myself.

I do a brain dump in my journal.

Then I ask myself self-discovery question to figure out the root of the root of the problem

18. Don’t Sit all day, try standing up for a few hours

Let’s be honest we sit too much nowadays. Standing up once a while is good for us.

In Fact according to this study standing for more than 6 hours a day. Drastically decrease the risk of obesity in both man and woman

19. Put your phone in airplane mode

Need to get some work done? Or just want some alone time.

Put your phone in airplane mode or turn it off.

20. Have mindful meetings

I love doing this. Meetings are more effective in this way.

I usually have the agenda on what is being covered.

Request that everyone power down their phone and take notes the old fashion way.

I know I know handing writing notes.

The fact of the matter handwriting notes are more effective than typing according to this study

You actually retain more information if you hand write notes.

Try it out, you can always type up the highlights after the meeting.


Try to use a few ideas to be more mindful at work.

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