Top 7 Military Hacks That Matter In Everyday Life


We have heard it time and time again. There are aspects of military life that are most relevant in the civilian world – for example like showing up on time and being respectful. Although sometimes those things getting looked over and could possibly be a recipe for disaster in everyday activities. Down below are the Top 7 Life Hacks you should’ve learn in your uniform – that you can now apply in an easy way to make life on the outside more productive and simple.


Do More With Less:

Most who have served say “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you’ll want.” And this is not an excuse for failure. This would be the same deal in the civil day life. You won’t have all the resources you need to make a sale or do things the way you would like them to be done, but people expect you to get it done.


Embracing The Worst:

I’m sure you all remember you started each deployment with optimism and enthusiasm, but those were quickly crushed by the first month in camp. But, just sitting around and whining about your current condition will NOT change the situation you’re in. The same goes for in everyday life. Every position in the corporate world has it’s bad days, but it will not change by you whining about it all of the time.



Being Resourceful:

In some places while serving, there are very limited resources – you have to work with what you got. You would still find ways to make the best out of every obstacle that would fly your way. These skills will definitely come in handy when you’re put on the spot to make a speech during your Monday meeting or when your company sends you on some ridiculous roadshow. You’ll get it done somehow and keep chugging along.


Stepping Up:

It’s never a good idea to say “That’s not my job” while in uniform. Many times you had to step the boundary to make sure certain thing got done – and they got done right. Same thing goes for everyday civilian life. You see something missing from your co-workers presentation that is crucial – you let them know. You see an item is missing from the grocery list your spouse gave you, you go and get that item. You do not want to miss any detail and excel when possible.



Finding Out Everyone Above Your Paygrade Is Clueless:

They must’ve gotten this rank somehow right? There has to be something you’re missing as to why there was almost an overboard incident or your skipper giving you the most ridiculous mission that just makes no sense at all. Well, now walk into the business world, the same paranoia of never knowing if you’ll actually make it out of this ridiculous situation exists. But, you’ll make it through with your quick thinking and sly ways to get you out of this one.


Knowing Your Wingman:

The men you had at base got you back safe to camp after a little celebration. They kept you out of jail. They gave you that insight you needed to stay out of trouble and expect the unexpected. Those same kind of guys will come in handy in the civilian everyday life, you just gotta find them.



Keeping Your Humor When It Things Turn:

You remember how you kept your sanity in the military just by laughing it off? Don’t lose that sense of humor in the everyday civil life. You’ll need it when things get stuffy in the office or just trying to break the ice.


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