Top 10 Life Hacks That Will Change It All


It’s the simplest things in life that can make us smile, so why not do it more? Everyone is so in tune with their job or just making money in general, and many fail to stop and just live life in the moment. What you’ll find below is the Top 10 Life Hacks that could potentially change it all, so join me in trying to make each day easier.


Smile Jar:

Don’t be afraid to keep an empty jar behind and fill that sucker with happy memories or just awesome things that have happened to you over the past year. Any time during the day or throughout the week, go ahead and pull one or two, to help make you smile again and realize how precious life is.



Protecting What’s Yours:

Keeping a phone charger in tact is harder than it seems these days. An easy fix to this is taking the spring out of any pen and wrapping it around your charger. This will help it from getting the dreaded “turtle neck”.




Nothing is worse than sending an email to the wrong person, especially when there is some confidential information inside of that particular email. To save yourself the embarrassment, just type in the recipient after you’ve typed the desired email.


Let’s Paint:

When painting your house, room, or even on a canvas, every drop of paint counts. Don’t sell yourself short by neglecting to use every drop. The next time you go to paint, put a rubber band around the can and then after you dip your brush in, run it across the rubber band getting all of the excess off.



Flip Flops:

Nothing is worse than having your favorite pair of flip flops break on you. To take charge and help prevent this from happening, slide a bread tag on the bottom of your flip flop, preventing it from slipping out. Once it is out, that flip flop will never be the same again.


Pretty Keys:

It always seems to happen to you when you’re in such a rush. Constantly fumbling with your keys to find the right one to open up your door. Well, try coating the ends in different colors of nail polish or paint, to help identify which key goes where.



Wake Up:

It pains me to say this, but waking up an hour earlier than you usually would actually benefits you. Yes, I know we all need our sleep and we cherish that most, but if you wake up an hour earlier you give yourself enough time to tackle the tasks you need to get done with ease, you’ll also feel less rushed.


Breaking The News:

It’s never easy sharing something with the world, especially when it is a big lifestyle change for yourself. When you do decide to let everyone know, make sure it is at least a couple weeks into your change, this prevents any of the naysayers bringing you down and ultimately changing your decision. But, if you keep it to yourself, that is perfectly fine. If you keep it to yourself, you’re most likely doing it for yourself and you will be more prone to stick to it.


Hot Spoon:

If you have any mosquito bites and they are making you itch your skin raw, try heating up a spoon for only a few seconds in the microwave. The heat will destroy the protein that is causing the itching.


Free Wifi:

of course you’re at a fancy restaurant or even gallivanting around the mall and you see the Wifi is blocked, what a horror right? Well, an easy fix for this is to simply checking the comments of their FourSquare accounts, most people will help out by cracking the code and sharing the password in the comments.



Smoke Free Zone:

We all have that one friend that does not abide by the “Non Smoking Area” rule. So when this occurs wet half a towel, wring it dry, and then whip the wet portion around your head in the room. This will help capture the smell into the towel, creating a not so bad environment.



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