Top 15 Life Hacks That Every College Student Should Know


It’s time to get some life hacks that you can’t learn in a lecture hall. These Top 15 Life Hacks will help you get an even easier grip on college. These tricks will make all the difference.


Use Snacks:

Using snacks while studying is an amazing technique that will help you keep the energy and will to keep studying. If you’re reading, try putting a small snack at the end of each paragraph or page, to reward yourself for getting that far.



Save Time With Audio:

Listening to lectures is no one’s favorite thing. It is another daunting task if you tend to write a lot of notes while trying to listen. Well, try just recording the lecturing and then taking notes at a later time, to better understand the content.


Hard Classes First:

Don’t slack off on the easier classes just because they’re a breeze. You’ll want those easy courses to balance out the harder classes come junior and senior year.


All About Essentials:

Nothing is worse than having your favorite chilled beverages falling over in your mini fridge. Get a binder clip and attach it to the shelf in the fridge, to help keep your drinks neatly stacked.




College is a whole different ballgame when it comes to keeping your things safe. People will do anything to get their grimy, sticky fingers on your new Mac Pro. Investing in a laptop lock or any heavy duty lock would be beneficial to any college goer.


Closed Proximities:

When in college, personal space seems to disappear. So, when you’re hanging up your clothes in the already too-small closet, try sliding on soda tabs on the the hook, creating another hole to hang a hanger on. Therefore, you will be creating more space for your sweet new jeans.


Cool It:

When it’s hot outside, hang a damp towel over an open window to cool down a stuffy dorm room. This can seriously make all the difference.


Crusty Keys:

It’s pretty much a given that we all snack when working on a computer. The build-up in between the keys can get pretty bad. Grab a Post-it note or two and slide the sticky side down into the keys. This will pick up any left behind Cheeto dust.

post-it notes


Heavy Sleeper:

Tired of sleeping past your alarm and being late to class? Put your phone or music player in a glass cup and it will amplify the sound when your alarm goes buzzing off.


Warm Drinks:

Have some of your beer out, but you would like to enjoy it cold? Wrap a damp paper towel around your warm beer and let it sit in the fridge for 15 minutes, this will help it cool faster.


Keep It Fresh:

Smell a little funky in your room? Try taping a dryer sheet of your preferred scent to your AC unit or fan. Your pad will be smelling fresh to death in no time.




These puppies are hard enough to endure if you’re not the best at public speaking. Nothing is worse than getting a question from the audience that throws your off track. Try having your pals sit among the crowd and have them have designated questions you already know the answer to. This could potentially make you seem smarter and earn extra brownie points.


Presentations Part Two:

You know all those cool memes you see floating around Facebook? They’re usually easy to read with the white fill color and black outline. If you tie those two into your presentations, you can read that text with any background color.




When you’re reheating your favorite food from the night before, try sticking in a glass of water into the microwave with it. This will prevent any bread part of it from getting chewy or soggy.



If you are protective over your favorite snacks or shower supplies, try labeling everything that is yours, so when you catch your thief with it, you can blow it back in their face and say “HA, my name was on it!”






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