Top 20 Life Hacks That Increase Your Wealth


In today’s tech-driven age, people are becoming more and more interested in how to become financially successful with original ways to change their lives. Find out what Top 20 Life Hacks successful people use to increase their wealth and how you can do the same.


Don’t Watch The Clock:

If all you ever do is calculate how much you make per hour, or you find yourself constantly looking at the clock, you can guarantee you’ll be working long hours for the rest of your life. Take a lesson from Tim Ferriss’ “4-Hour Workweek” and start thinking about how you can get paid for results instead of time. You’ll be motivated to work smarter, not longer.


Don’t Shy Away From Self-Promotion:

You will never establish a customer base if you do not promote or talk about your product. Promotion can come off as sometimes pushy, but it is a very crucial part of the business world. You can always use social media, local advertising and other marketing methods to get your name out there in the world.


Stop Confusing Wealth With The Appearance Of Wealth:

You don’t need to become a full-fledged minimalist, but it’s time to trim the proverbial fat. Take a look at your budget and take away the nonessentials. Spa treatments, expensive dinners, overspending at stores and unused gym memberships are excesses that can sabotage your financial health.


Change Your Playlist:

When you’re not working, you should be gaining and learning as much knowledge as you possibly can, whether it is related to your business or not. You  can listen to podcasts or audiobooks while you drive, shower, work out and even clean your house while listening. You’ll find that it’s just as relaxing as watching your favorite show at the end of the day, but you’ll be getting a brain workout instead of you just being a potato on the couch.



Accentuate Your Talents:

If you have a unique skill, you could create a business just around your talents. Whether you’re a skilled programmer with a vision for launching a development company or have a passion for hair and want to open up your own salon, use your interests, passions and abilities to make money.


Get A Mentor:

You need to identify successful people in your industry and reach out to them for advice. You need to be bold by asking, writing, emailing, or even calling them directly. Maybe you could ask them to help you solve a specific problem, give you general advice or to become your mentor.


Drink Water:

This might be the simplest hack of them all. Life’s simplest necessity could increase your wealth. If you cut back on the soda, coffee and other costly and unhealthy beverages and stick with water instead, your teeth can get stronger (saving money on dental bills), your anxiety can reduce (saving money on therapy and prescriptions), and your brain can become healthier, more stable and more efficient.


Give More:

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that greed equals growth or that your success will come at the expense of others. Help out by volunteering, truly listening and being generous. Be happy to share your experiences and successes with others. You will be more effective in creating a name for yourself and gaining allies rather than creating enemies.



Stop Wishing – Set Goals Instead:

Wealthy people will not let their success put a stop to their hopes and dreams. They commit to success by working to achieve clearly defined goals. Set some goals for next week, month, six months and beyond. Make your goals clear and outline the smaller steps you should be taking to achieve them. Having a good calendar system helps.


Adapt As You Pursue Goals:

While being committed to your project important, it is just as important to be able to identify when to adjust the plan or even change the end goal. If you’re developing an app and you start seeing the need to change directions or head down a different path, do not be afraid to shift focus if it will mean long-term success.


Clear Clutter For More Brain Space:

A certain amount of messiness is acceptable as part of the “creative mindset,: but at some point clutter becomes a problem and a distraction to your work whether you realize it or not. Clear your primary work area so you have some space for your thoughts. You’ll be shocked by how much more productive you can be in a clean, clutter-free room.



Drive Less:

Not only will driving less save you money on gas, maintenance, and even potential accidents, but the exercise of walking or biking can help boost brainpower and creativity by slowing the brain cells’ aging, improving memory, and alleviating anxiety.



Identify Problems And Invent Solutions:

If you ever come across the thought, “I wish there was a product that could…” then start thinking about how to turn those ideas into realities. Chances are, if you identify a need or a problem, other people would pay money for a solution to the same predicament.



Accept Criticism:

Do not be too proud to accept criticism and advice. It doesn’t always feel good to hear these things, but not being discouraged by it, learning from it, and moving forward can feel great. Use the criticism to motivate you to further perfect your business model.


Ask Questions:

Most wealthy people are driven by the desire to learn and grow their knowledge. By asking a lot of questions, you can learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences, gain knowledge about your specific field, and create strong relationships with people.


Don’t Blame Failures On Bad Luck:

If you want to be able to take credit for your successes, you need to start taking credit for your failures. Success is as much a mindset as it is a status. Word.



Block Your Time:

As helpful as social media is for connecting, informing, and entertaining, most people find themselves distracted way too often. Between clickbait titles, cute cat videos, friends’ updated statuses and Candy Crush, it’s a wonder anyone gets any work done at all.

Set up a timer or block on your computer for the websites that suck up your most time. Create blocks of time in your schedule for work and play. Your mind will be much clearer, and you’ll have more time to focus on what is important.


Recognize That You Reap What You Sow:

Think of your brain as a crop field. If all you ever did was harvest creativity and success, your fields would soon be dry and you would no longer gain from it. Allow yourself time to sow seeds of success by resting, thinking and treating your body right.


Put Your Money To Work:

You work pretty hard, and your money should too. Make your money work for you by investing in some stocks, mutual funds, real estate and other vehicles that can help you build up wealth. If you and your money work at the same time, you can earn money even faster.



Associate With Other Successful People:

Rubbing elbows with successful people is a great way to take steps toward building wealth. By establishing relationships with influential people, you can broaden your customer base. You can also learn from the seasoned pros about how to earn more money.


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