9 Ways to use coconut oil daily

Top 9 Uses For Coconut Oil

9 Ways to use coconut oil dailyMother Nature blessed us with the power of coconut oil.

It can use as a cooking oil replacement, all the way to a homemade deodorant.

In the last couple of years coconut oil has built a cult following.

Who blames them, it’s really beneficial , and has a lot amazing properties .

It can be used daily for things you wouldn’t imagine it could be used for.

Some people swear by it , even using coconut oil as a coffee creamer.

All the way using it for their toast spread.

I personally use it for as a natural energy boost by mixing it into my drinks.

Coconut oil has numerous health benefits like;

Coconut Oil Has Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs)

The fatty acids we consume is Long Chain Fatty Acids.

The body has a hard time breaking these fatty acids down.

On the other hand, short to medium chain fatty acids is much for our bodies

to break down.

 Weight Loss Benefits

  • decreases hungry, and cravings.
  • burns fat faster


Here Is Some Ways That I Find Coconut Oil Useful

coconut oil
coconut oil
  1. As a natural face wash
  2. As a makeup remover
  3. Use it as a natural spf 4 sunscreen
  4. In a homemade body butter
  5. Use it for whitening your teeth
  6. Use in a homemade shampoo/conditioner
  7. Every day cooking and food prep
  8. In salads with vinegar
  9. On lips as a natural lip balm

We just scratch the surface of the uses of coconut oil.

There are a million and plus one uses for coconut oil.

The sky is the limit for coconut oil, it is truly Mother Nature’s gift to us.

Discover more amazing uses for coconut by click here!

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