Top 15 Long-Term Relationship Hacks

15 Long-Term Relationship

Love isn’t luck. Most of the time it is a lot of work to keep things going and to keep it interesting. If it is truly love, you won’t need hardly effort or this silly article, but for those who need help, booboo, I gotchu. Take a look below at the Top 15 Long-Term Relationship Hacks.


Making Decisions A Game Instead Of A Chore:

Ever been like “What do you want to eat?” and  your partner respond with a “I don’t know, what do you want to eat?” Well, try to play “5-3-1” when trying to figure out what to do. Person A pick 5 places , and person B eliminates 2 of those places that person A picked. It will leave three left. Person A will knock out the last two. Bam! Only one is left.


Make Chores A Favor For Each Other Instead Of A.. Chore:

Hate doing the dishes and your partner hate doing the laundry? Why don’t you take turns naming the top three things that you hate doing, and switch. You never know your partner might love doing the dishes.


Talk About Good First:

Make a rule that you talk about the good stuff first. It can simple as the cute kitten in a window , or that dollar you found in your pants. Make sure it is always something positive.


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Take Each Other Out:

Make a separate budgets, but equal budgets. Then alternate weekends taking each other out. Never, EVER do bill splitting; it’s NOT allowed.


Gift-Giving As Opportunities:

Encouraging each other to partake in new things is awesome. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. Use holiday and birthdays to give your partner new things like classes, or an instrument and other things that they can learn to expand their skills or knowledge. Let them know that you’ll be there for them.


Prove Yourself Wrong Sometimes:

Don’t try to be right all the time. Do the opposite and try proving yourself wrong most of the time. I know it sounds silly right? Hear me out on this one. Your partner will appreciate it and follow your example.


Don’t Gloat When You’re Right:

“To keep your marriage brimming,

With love in the filling cup,

Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;

Whenever you’re right, shut up.”

-Ogden Nash


If You Agree To Let It Go, LET IT GO:

Pause the argument and never unpause it. I mean like never. If you and your partner is arguing about something and it’s not going anywhere. Just agree to disagree and never talk about it again.



Three Word-Related Rules:

Don’t say sorry for everything, it really cheapens the word impact when you to say it. You just want to feel your partner to feel bad for you. Use it when you really mess up and you really mean sorry.

Say thank you for anything, like so much you feel weird saying it. It will largely impact your partner. They will notice it and smile . It never gets old. So keep saying it.

Outlaw the word “but.” ESPECIALLY when it follows “I love you.” Use “and” instead.


Take Breaking Up Off The Table:


Both you and your partner agree to not break up with other during heated argument. Make sure you talk about a break up in a calm, serene environment.

Take A Break:


Have a safe word or phrase handy for when you seriously need to step back and look at the problem at hand. Half of the time you and your partner are fighting and you forget what for. Whatever the outcome may be, you may find yourself laughing over the matter.

Reward Honesty, Even If It Sucks:

If your partner ever has a rough time with coming clean with feelings or certain situations, let them know you are there and that you would never judge them. Come up with a plan that with everything they tell you, they earn a kiss for it. It may seem so simple, but it’s really the little things that matter most.



Resist The Urge To Correct:


Keeping things out in the open is very important with any relationship, but there are a couple things that you should really keep to yourself. Like, if your partner uses the wrong ‘there’ in a sentence, let it go. Or, if you’ve already heard a story they are about to tell. Let them; you may learn a new detail or two and either way it’s not worth hurting their feelings over a couple minutes of your time.

Collaborate Adventures:


Designate a night of the week where you’ll take turns picking something on the list you’ve created about certain activities to do in your town.

Go To Bed Angry Sometimes:

Fighting in the first place is never good, but if it’s on a night where you have to be up early the next day; it really isn’t helping anyone. Just go to bed and let things simmer down, in the morning you may forget what the fight was about in the first place.




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