Top 10 Lazy Products Your Bedroom Needs ASAP

lazy-roomYour bedroom is your getaway, right? When you’re in your perfect, calm area, it needs to be carefree, worry free, and even stress free. These Top Lazy hacks will help you out and you will never want to return to the way you were doing things. Keep it simple people!


  1. Ever have a terrible time trying to fall asleep? I know I have. Well, if you’re wanting to feel like you’re lounging outside. looking up at the night sky, this product is for you! The Aurora Night Sky Projector will shed the night sky up up onto your ceiling without even leaving the comfort of your bed.lazy-room-9
  2. The last thing you want to do is to get back up out of bed, when you’ve already gotten so comfy. Wish those pesky lights could turn themselves off? No more worrying with the Wireless Appliance Remote Control Lamp Light Switch. You will be able to turn off your lights from your bed. Simple.lazy-room-6
  3. If you want the all-in-one accessory for your bed, this one is for you. The Nap Massaging Chair has a massager built into the chair, along with some pockets, a reading lamp and a cup holder for your favorite beverage.lazy-room-7
  4. If you ever paint your nails in bed, without a flat surface near by, you know how difficult it is to keep that bottle upright. The Lady Bug Spill Proof Polish Holder will be a life saver, and a sheet saver for that matter.lazy-room-8
  5. Never forget to put on your pants or to take out the trash with the Glowing Memo Alarm Clock.lazy-room-2
  6. Your significant other missing, or you’re just too socially awkward to have one? You will never feel alone again when sleeping when you’re cuddling with the giant Comfort U Total Body Pillow.  lazy-room-3
  7. There will be no more snoring coming from you or your partner when you’re sleeping with this pillow. The Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillow eliminates the opportunities for the snores to actually happen.lazy-room-4
  8. Wanting to block out the world and listen to your tunes in bed? But, your pesky earbuds keep falling out of your ear? Nothing is more irritating than that. With the Bedphones, you will never run into that issue again. Couldn’t get any more simple.lazy-room-10
  9. You will never lose the remote again if it’s a pillow! This Plush Remote Pillow will never again get stuck between the cushions or under the covers.lazy-room-5
  10. Trying to enjoy a nice glass of wine in bed, and it accidentally topples over, destroying your new Egyptian sheets? Yeah, same. Not anymore will you soil your sheets as along as you have Silikids Siliskin Straw Top.


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