Top 10 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks

possiblefi2Nothing is worse than having a dirty room or house. Although, being lazy while having dirty surroundings could be possibly worse. These Top 10 Hacks will help out any lazy girl clean up the place.


Swiffer Socks:

Those fuzzy socks have more than one use, believe it or not. Slide those puppies on and walk around your place. Boom. You just dusted your floors. Don’t forget to wash them afterwards.



Dusting Made Easy:

Dusting will never be easier again. Using a lint roller will save time and will get the job done quicker than any handheld duster.


Shiny Like New:

Dingy, dirty, weathered looking accessories and appliances are no excuse in this case. If you have some furniture polish laying around, like Method: All Purpose Cleaner for example, you can put this on any hard surface to make it shine again. Just be extra careful on the floors. We don’t want you to slip and then be mad at us.



Food Clean-Up:

While making your favorite dish that needs to be finished off in the oven, line the tray with aluminum foil first, for a super easy clean up., so you can get back to Netflix.


Avoid Using Cups And Bowls:

Why bother getting out a new cup or dish, when you could eat or drink out of the original container? It will save a lot of time and future washing. Simple.


Soap Scum No More:

The bathroom can be a daunting task. Especially in the actual shower. Stubborn soap scum is the lazy girl’s worst enemy. No one wants to put in extra elbow grease to get rid of it. Using your regular body wash can cure your soap scum sorrows. “The fats and oils in soaps create problems with soap scum,” Lynn Marie Bower tells Housekeeping Channel. But since body wash is technically a detergent, it’s specifically formulated to prevent gross crud from caking up in the shower.



Smell Good – Hassle Free:

Something fishy lingering in your house or apartment?  I know you’re not wanting to go around, room by room, continuously scrubbing, to get rid of the ungodly smell. The lazy girl way of getting rid of any stench is to simply tape or fasten a dryer sheet to your AC unit or where your cool air comes from. It’ll be smelling like fresh flowers or clean cotton in no time.



Cleaning Your Keyboard:

You need to write an essay, but the keys of your keyboard keep crunching. They are built up with crumbs from your midnight snack before. No worries. If you have any Post-It notes laying around, slide the sticky side down into the keys and move it along. The adhesive will pick up and crummies left behind.



Blender Blunders:

You won’t have to worry about scrubbing your blender anymore. Use it for what it was made for! Pour some soap and water into the blender and turn it on, let it wash itself! One amazing blender you should have in your life is the Ninja Blender. Anything drink, meal, or treat is possible with this baby!


Soaking Cleanse:

To remove any stubborn, left behind lasagna from the other night, use a non-toxic, biodegradable dryer sheet. Soak it into the desired pan with water to get rid of any tough, baked on food left behind. For an example of a good dryer sheet to use, Sun & Earth is the perfect one to get rid of baked on food debris.

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