15 Time Saving Beauty Hacks You Wish You Had Sooner


Don’t get me wrong, we need routines to stick to, to get things done. Especially when it comes to makeup, it is essential to stick to a routine. However, makeup has a habit of making this time the most irritating time of the day. We would all appreciate it I’m sure if we could create shortcuts to make all of this go a bit smoother. Take a look below at the 15 Time Saving Beauty Hacks you definitely wish you had sooner.



There is a simple trick out there that needs to be shared. If you have an eyelash curler and an eyeliner pencil, you could cut down your eye makeup process in seconds. All you have to do is line your eyelash curler with your pencil, curl your lashes, and waalah! Your eye is perfectly lined with no crying or smudging.


Smokey Eye:

It seems whenever there is time for a smokey eye, we try it, and then we end up messing it all up, causing us to redo it all over again. Well, if you just take your desired eyeliner or eyeshadow stick, create a “#” on the outer V of your eyelid. Once you blend that sucker out, you should have the desired smokey eye you’ve always wanted.




It’s a hassle; no one likes to do it. If only there was a much simpler way to get that close shave we all yearn for. Oh wait, there is. Ditch your shaving cream and try baby oil! The baby oil will create a much smoother shave and it will leave your legs much smoother for a longer period of time. You’re welcome.



Have you ever gotten the wrong shade of foundation and it literally is the only one you have? Well, when you’re stuck in this sad sad situation, you could always mix some moisturizer with your too-dark foundation to help dilute the color. No only will it take it a shade down or two, but it will definitely leave your face extra hydrated for the day.


Don’t Be A Greaseball:

We’ve all done it. We’ve all hit that snooze button one too many times and now your hair is looking like you dipped it in last night’s chicken grease. Well, there is a simple fix; even if you have run out of your favorite dry shampoo. Just take some baby powder into your hands and then work it through your roots. This will help absorb any unwanted oil.



Doubling Up:

You’re not feeling the whole “uncap your eyeliner, struggle for 15 minutes trying to accomplish the Cat Eye” kinda thing this morning. An easy fix for that is taking your eyeliner brush and sweeping that across your mascara brush. This can double as an actual liner. So, all you have to do is sweep that across your lid and you’ve got a solid line for the day.


Looking Presentable:

So you’ve got somewhere kind of important to go, but the lazy girl inside of you is creeping out. What do you do? Well, you can never go wrong with a twisted ponytail. This says “I’m kind of lazy, but atleast I tried to look good.” And honestly, we can all appreciate that.




You have just created the cutest sassy bun, but those pesky baby hairs are cramping your style. All you have to do in this situation is spray some hairspray on a toothbrush you’re not using, (duh) and simply sweep the hairs back or to the side.


One And Done:

If you’re really in a pinch in the morning and you simply can only do ONE THING makeup wise, choose between your lips or eyes. Not both. At least it looks like you tried.



Low Budget:

If you don’t have all those fancy-smancy brush sets, don’t fret. If your eyebrows are flying all over the place, again, just take a toothbrush that you are not using and sweep those suckers back into place. Your brows need to be on fleek girl.



You have been caught in the work predicament possible. Not all of your daily items are with you. For example, you have left your blush behind in another purse, what to do? Lucky for you, just a few dabs of lipstick will be a great dupe for actual blush. Use the tools you have!



You’re Not Going Anywhere:

If you simply spritz some hairspray onto your bobby pins before you place them in your hair, this will actually create a stronger hold. No one has time to be fumbling around, trying to get the bobby pins in just the right spot.


Mascara Is Never Easy:

This is a true statement, especially when you are in a rush. To keep from having smudge marks all over your upper lid, making you look like you never got home last night, try using a credit card to shield your upper lid from disaster.



Caution: HOT:

Alright, listen. This hack is totally optional, I thought I should just throw this out there. There are some ladies out there who just cannot stand a single wrinkle in her sleeves of her shirt. Fortunately, I am not one of those ladies. But, if you are and you are crunched on time, you can always use your straightener on one of the lowest settings possible to get rid of those pesky wrinkles.



This is a love hate relationship. For real. False lashes have the potential of being utterly beautiful and elegant, if you apply them the correct way however. A simply way to make sure you get them on each time without looking like a party disaster is to just simply cut them into three different sections. Apply them one by one or just simply apply on to the outer corner of your lashes, giving you that butterfly effect.



Source: diply.com

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