Top 25 Quick Life Hacks To Save Money

If you think you can not even begin to try and save money, think again! These days, there are so many simple ways to save money. Whether you use the best websites to score great deals or simply become more money conscious, you can easily cut down spending by hundreds, maybe even thousands. Take a look at the Top 20 Quick Money Hacks to learn more about saving – quick & simple!


Get Savvy With Coupons:

Coupons are a great way to try and save money. They can help you save on grocery and everyday items. Start clipping them from the insert in your Sunday paper. Also, a website like is a great starting place to search for the best deals!



Carpooling saves a ton of money for gas, and also it’s better for the environment. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to interact with others a little more.


Vegetarian Meals:

Beef and chicken can get pretty pricey, so eating a few vegetarian meals a week could put a couple more dollars in your wallet. Try making a vegetarian lasagna or casserole without the meat sauce.



Call Your Insurance Agent:

It only takes a few minutes to hit up your insurance agency on the phone. When you do, ask them about any current sales. Many of them have discounts for small reasons that you can take advantage of. They’d be happy to help, as long as you don’t file for bankruptcy.


Turn Off Your Lights:

As of today, us a society have become much more aware of unplugging or turning off electric items when we are not using them. It’s always a good reminder to turn off the kitchen lights when you are heading to the bathroom or even leaving your house entirely; turn off any unneeded lighting. This could potentially save you a lot of money, with little effort.


Be Thrifty:

Thrift stores are great places to purchase clothing, appliances, and even some furniture for less. You’d be surprised at the high quality of items people donate. Personally, this is one of my favorite and easy ways to save money.



Let Go Of The Designer:

If you can not absolutely let go of your precious designer clothes, try searching for them on Ebay or any other site that will sell items for less. There are auctions everyday, and you could score some good deals with their services.


Get A Roommate:

It doesn’t matter how old you are, getting a roommate is a good way to save significant amounts money on your expenses. If you’re worried about sharing your space, be sure to rent to someone who is mature and will actually respect your wishes and belongings.


Grow A Garden:

Growing your own vegetables means spending less at the grocery store and maybe even better quality veggies!



Avoid Going Out:

This may be a hard concept to grasp, but it has been proven time and time again that cooking at home saves your a significant amount of money. Yes, even though we hate actually using our hands to do things, broadening your mind and creating meals will help you realize you are not such a bad cook as you thought.


Buy Used Cars:

Purchasing a car that is only a couple years old will not hurt you, this is a much better investment than a brand new one.


Give Up Alcohol:

A glass of wine can definitely be nice at the end of a long work day, but alcohol is quite expensive, and going without it can save some people thousands throughout the year. You’ll make it!



Sign Up For A Gas Rewards Card:

Many grocery stores partner with gas stations or even have their own, to get you gas discounts for every hundred dollars you spend at the grocery store. Be sure to research the stores in your area so you don’t miss out on these awesome opportunities, I know it has saved me a lot over the years.


Try Having A “No Spend” Day:

You’d be surprised how hard it is to go a day without spending a cent! Give it a shot and see how well you do. Take it a step further and create a list of how well you’re doing and how much you’re saving. It is more satisfying actually seeing the progress you’ve made.


Natural Color:

Yes, getting your hair done and dyed is a magical experience, but the cost can add up, especially if you go every couple of months. Try just dying your hair back to your natural color and letting your hair grow out from there.


Water At Restaurants:

Some restaurants charge so much just for soda, let alone mixed drinks. By just ordering tap water and making it a habit, you can save a lot throughout the year.



Buy In Bulk:

Buying your non-perishable foods in bulk is a great way to save money over a long period of time, especially if they are on sale at the time.


Consume ALL Of Your Milk:

Nothing is worse than wasting food, especially milk, when you’re trying to save on money. Make sure to only buy a half-gallon if you don’t use it frequently.


Use Generic Prescriptions:

So many prescriptions come in generic form now. They usually are no different from the name brand medications. You can save a bunch by using them – just check with your doctor first.


Repair Versus Buying New:

Sometimes it is indeed cheaper to replace a part on an item instead of buying a new one. For example, buying the part you need for your washing machine is much cheaper than buying a new washing machine all together.



Train Your Dog:

Training your dog can be relatively easy and just takes a little bit of time every day. A trained pooch won’t ruin furniture, shoes, or your floor, thus saving you money.


Buy Quality, Not Quantity:

A nice, quality pairs of shoes can last you about 10 years whereas a cheap pair will break easily and cost your more in the long run.


Learn To Say No:

Telling yourself no regularly is the best way to save money. Simply passing on the candy bar you want in the checkout line at the store can you save you a few dollars, and doing this on the daily can save you hundreds over time.


Buy Refurbished Products:

Many refurbished products, like computers, come with warranties so they are less expensive and safe to buy.


Exercise Regularly:

Staying healthy means fewer doctor’s bills. Also, healthy looks good on you!




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