Top 10 Beauty Hacks Your Mom Never Told You


From boy advice to warning against shimmery blue eyeshadow and bright red lips, mothers have bestowed so much wisdom upon our oh so young and impressionable brains. But, with the trends always changing, new products and methods coming abroad, mom can’t possibly give us all of the beauty hack insight we need to survive in this cruel and trendy world. Below you’ll find the Top 10 Beauty Hacks and tips that mama might not of mentioned.


Don’t Use What They Give:

We all know of those little puffs that come with most face powders. Or the tiny Q-tip/brush eyeshadow applicators that with many drugstore palettes? Don’t. Use. Them.

Yes, of course, they work if you are in a rush and some products do come with great applicators (i.e Urban Decay’s Naked Palette), but they will generally not give you the best application and utilization of the product. Invest in makeup brushes, they seriously make all the difference when applying any kind of makeup.



Downward Swipes:

When applying foundation with a brush (or sponge), use only downward strokes. This will ultimately change your foundation experience. Many people have very fine and virtually invisible hairs on their face that do grow in a downward direction; blending your foundation down will go with the flow of those little hairs and give you a smoother and more unified result.


Make Your Own Colors:

Layering lip colors is a fantastic way to achieve your ideal, unique color. Let’s face the music, not every red lip is going to work on our skin, but maybe mixing that red stain with a plum lipstick will be your new go-to color. Yas girl.


Moisturize & Glow:

Honestly, I am a huge fan of matte lip colors, but truth is they can be super-drying on your lips. Sometimes I just would like a little bit of shine without the sticky feeling of lip gloss. The perfect solution? Petroleum Jelly! (Vaseline)

If you don’t already have some, you can purchase a little tub for less than $5. Just put a little smidgen onto your fingers and tap that onto your lips. This keeps your lips moisturized and adds a decent shine. This is also the best way to avoid getting your lip color of the day mushed into your EOS Lip Balm. No one wants to see that.



Line Your Lips:

Lip liner is an amazing way to keep your lipstick neat (especially with bold colors) and prevent it from feathering. When using lip liner, don’t apply a super-thin line. Make sure you thicken the line inward a little bit to avoid that really weird and obvious lip outline.

You should also try smudging your lip liner inwards in order to help it blend with your lipstick color of choice.


Wet Before Use:

Yo momma probably didn’t tell you this because Beauty Blenders did not exist when she was playing around with makeup. This might be common sense, but I did not realize you absolutely must wet the Beauty Blender (or a knock-off version) before using it to apply your foundation.


Dry Makeup Brushes Down:

When your brushes are drying, be sure to angle them downward with the brush bristles facing down. If you don’t do this, water might seep towards the handle and cause loose bristles.

An easy way to do this is to lay a can of hairspray (or another type of cylindrical can) on the counter, drape a washcloth over it, and place your brushes on it, like a see-saw sort of arrangement.


Don’t Pump Your Mascara:

Some people feel the need to pump their mascara in and out of the tube to get more product on the applicator or something, but it’s not really doing much except putting more air and bacteria into the tube.

Avoid pumping the mascara wand in and out of the tube and simply apply it in layers if you want more desired product. Applying more than one layer of mascara is always a good idea, and can certainly make them eyes pop, girl.


You SHOULD Make Your Lower Lashes Pop:

Applying mascara to your lower lashes is life-changing my friends. It really opens up your eyes and makes them pop. The reason many mamas have warned you against this is because it can be difficult to overdo it.

If you’re worried about streaks and smudges from watery eyes, using waterproof mascara on your lower lashes is a fab choice. When applying mascara to your bottom lash, you can avoid clumps and too much volume by holding your brush horizontally and gently sweeping it back and forth one time. This darkens your lashes and provides a little bit of definition without clumping and super-extending your lashes.


Blend Your Foundation:

It is so important to blend your foundation down onto your neck and into your hairline. I know it sounds weird to take your makeup off your actual facial area, but you do not want that dreaded line of foundation that makes your head look separated from your body. Be sure to blend a little bit of foundation towards your hairline, over your jawline, and slightly onto your neck.



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